SureFit Ring Sizers

Wide-band ring sizing solutions for when you need to be absolutely sure of the fit before buying.

Home Sizing Options

For anyone that needs to confirm their ring size before buying.

Business and Creator Options

For businesses and makers that need client sizing solutions.

Retail Options

For Retail Businesses that want to carry our products.

Traditional ring sizers are geared for sizing standard fit rings, typically not even wide-band options.

The problem with this is that Comfort Fit rings tend to fit looser on the finger.

Our ring sizers are designed to be an accurate representation of a comfort-fit or standard-fit ring.  Your clients can wear our ring sizers for much longer than traditional sizers and make a more informed decision on what size fits best.

If you get sized for a ring purchase with the wrong type of ring sizer, you may end up with a ring that doesn't fit just right.

We want you to be absolutely sure that you're getting the right size for yourself or your special someone.


We got some ring sizers to test what size would be comfortable
on my fiancé. They shipped quickly and worked perfectly. It really helped us
get a feel for what would be comfortable for him. Would recommend for anyone
having trouble figuring out exactly what ring size they need.


Great experience. I needed these sizers for my fiancé and I’m
really glad I got them. I’ll be able to keep using them for when we get older,
lose weight, etc. the customer service and care for satisfaction is amazing as


These 3D printed ring sizers are perfect, they're the exact size
as the different metal bands I sale and way easier than trying to find some
sort of zip tie ring sizer to send a customer that doesn't know how to use
them. sizes are marked with easy to see numbering. whether you sell 2 to 2,000
rings a month or even need to find your own size, these are the perfect
solution to taking the pain out of having to get professionally sized, this way
it can be done in the privacy of your own home. I’ll definitely be ordering these
from now on its gonna streamline my ring sales knowing a customer's size


I was looking for the wider ring band sizer and this is perfect
for my use!   


This set of 8mm ring sizers is very well done.  Worth every penny asked and a much better
method for getting a good fit on comfort band rings.  Buy.Them.Now!     


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We have wide-band comfort fit sizing solutions for the home, shop, event, retail center, and even large scale business cases.

Check out our Products to see all of our available solutions.

Standard fit options coming soon*