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What is a comfort fit?

    A comfort fit ring has a domed/curved interior.  Whereas a standard ring fit has a flat interior.  The difference is the surface area that makes contact with your finger is reduced and allows a more comfortable fit.  This is more common in wide-band rings but is used in rings as low as 4mm wide.  The most common width is 8mm.

Does this really make a difference?

1. Standard Fit rings and Comfort Fit rings fit differently.  A comfort fit ring has less contact/surface area on your finger and therefore will accommodate a smaller size.  They fit looser.

2. A wider ring will fit tighter than a thinner ring.  If you size your client with a 4mm wide ring sizer and they purchase an 8mm wide ring, it's very likely that the finished product won't fit the same way.  It will be tighter than they expect.  

How is this better than one of those zip-tie ring sizers?

    Our Ring Sizers don’t leave much room for error.

With a Zip-Tie ring sizer, you're still guessing.  The key point that's missing with Zip-Tie Ring Sizers is that you can't wear them all day.  They don't fit and feel like a ring.  

Ours do.

With SureFit you can put it on, wear it, try the other size options, and decide which is your favorite fit.  

Check out our Ring Size Chart for even more information.  

Do you guarantee that my clients will buy the right size?

    While we do guarantee that our ring sizers are accurate (we regularly check our processes and products for accuracy by measuring inner diameter of a sampling of ring sizers) We can’t guarantee that your clients will be happy with their choice.  They may decide later on that they wanted a tighter or looser fit and that will have to be addressed via your return policy. 


How can my clients estimate their ring size before buying ring sizers? 

There are a few ways to get a really good idea of what size your ring should be.  

1.  If you have a ring that fits (or is close) but you don't know the size, you can measure the inside of the ring with a micrometer (calipers) and then reference the following chart for the "Inner Diameter."

2.  If you do not have a reference ring, you can use a string.  Wrap a string around your larger knuckle and mark where the ends meet.  Lay the string down flat and measure the length.  Reference the following chart for the "Inner Circumference."

3. You can also get an entire set of ring sizers instead of estimating your size and confirming with a range of just a few.  


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